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Stress and Resilience: A Brain Science Perspective

Jun 4, 20201:00pm EDT1 hour
I often hear clients voicing their frustration and shame for the ways they respond to life stressors. “Why do I feel this way?” “Why do I act this way?” I often want to respond, “Oh, you didn’t get the manual either?” The brain has a very specific design geared first and foremost to safety and survival. It is inevitable to personalize our responses and to believe we have no way out. Now that’s stressful! Most of us recognize the way we feel but so many of us believe there is something wrong with us, that we are faulty. Research and the advances of neuroscience have given us new insight and ways of understanding how the brain and body works. This knowledge can be a key step towards a new freedom. Much like having a manual that explains how your computer (or car, or television or any other things we might have) works, this knowledge provides a framework for understanding stress and building resilience.