Current Trends in Substance Use from Opioids to Marijuana to E-Cigarettes

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While marijuana is not new, the potency, ratios of tetrahydrocannabinol/cannabidiol, concentrated products called budder or shatter and edibles are different and present related but unique problems. General increased awareness of prescription drug misuse led to prescription drug monitoring programs and decreased prescribing of commonly misused medications.  As a result, some patients switched to using medications that are more surprising. Attendees will gain familiarity with newer substances and newer forms of or ways to use older substances of misuse, as well as how and perhaps why we are in the current circumstance of increased substance use, misuse and poor outcomes. 

Substance related poisonings reported to the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont poison centers will be presented. Newer substances, such as fentanyl analogs, electronic cigarettes and current marijuana products, as well as persistant substances, such as stimulants, sedatives and other opioids will be discussed. Trends involving opioids, amphetamines/methamphetamine, cannabis/cannabinoids, amphetamine-like hallucinogens and nicotine-containing products will be addressed. 

Following the presentation, Dr. Simone will present cases and associated questions.  The audience can respond to the questions, indicating whether they have learned the most important facts and can apply them to simulated situations. 


Karen Simone, Pharm. D. Dr. Karen Simone is the Director of the Northern New England Poison Center, which serves the States of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. She is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. Read more…


  • Up to 2.75 continuing medical education for doctors, physician assistants, and nurses, 2.75 contact hours for psychologists, social workers, licensed clinical professional counselors, continuing health education specialists, corrections and behavioral health professionals. Contact hours for licensed alcohol and drug counselors are pending.


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