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Seth Blais Seth Blais is living in recovery from substance use disorder. After a decade of struggling with heroin and cocaine addiction, he dedicates most of his time reaching out to peers who share his experience. read more…

Tamra Oman Tamra Oman’s life has been all about never giving up. She is a living example of being persistent both personally and professionally. read more… 


Choosing to Live
Seth Blais | Vice President of the Board of Directors for Crossroads

Seth will share his journey through a decade of substance use, how he found himself living in addiction and feeling hopeless to how he finally found recovery. The address will examine why not all substance users become addicted, what prevents the ones who do from getting help, and how we as a community can make it easier for everyone to find recovery.

Light It Up
Tamra Oman
| Human Services Program Coordinator, Wisconsin Resource Center

Each one of us has special talents and gifts- each one of us has a unique space to fill in this world! We need a world of individuals who have found their fire, their voice, and their “soul tribe”. Together we can support and compassionately challenge one another to build the kind of community we desire! Let’s Light This Place Up with Love!! We are who we have been waiting for! In this Session Participants will: explore the kind of community they would like to have and identify 3 areas they would like to see positive change, out of those 3 areas pick one place they might start, identify 2 people from their “soul tribe” they might discuss this with, set a date for an action towards creating the community they desire, and scribe commitment date on paper and post.

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This conference is presented by the Maine Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, in collaboration with the Consumer Council System of Maine and the Maine Association of Peer Support and Recovery Centers.