Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Maine Behavioral Healthcare’s 30-plus clinical programs and nearly 30 service locations, from York to Norway to Belfast, is one of the broadest behavioral healthcare programs in the state.

MaineGeneral Health Mental Health & Substance Abuse

MaineGeneral Health provides comprehensive services for adults through a network of inpatient, outpatient and community-based programs. Adolescents and children are served by counselors at MaineGeneral Counseling. The Edmund N. Ervin Pediatric Center provides a variety of services for children. Services also are linked to other mental health providers and support services in Kennebec and Somerset counties.

Kate McLinn, Ph.D.

Merrimack River Medical Services, Inc. (MRMS)

MRMS offers outpatient services that specialize in the treatment of narcotic addiction. MRMS provides integrated medical and counseling approaches grounded in an individualized recovery oriented philosophy that treats addiction as a bio-psychosocial disease. These services include pharmacological treatment with methadone in combination with individual, group and family counseling provided by a team of multidisciplinary professionals.

Elizabeth Miller

Paul B. Murphy

Cecilia Natale

Oxford County Mental Health Services (OCMHS)

Oxford County Mental Health Services proudly serves the people of Oxford County, promoting community wellness and empowering individuals by providing innovative, person-centered behavioral health services and education.

Preble Street

As the hub of services in northern New England’s largest urban area, Preble Street provides round-the-clock programs 365 days a year to meet urgent needs, advocate for change, empower people, and create solutions for homelessness, hunger, and poverty.

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Denielle Roberts

Anne Rogers

Shalom House Inc.

Shalom House helps hundreds of people with serious mental illness each year by providing an array of community-based mental health services and a choice of affordable quality housing where people can escape the stress of homelessness, hunger, and isolation.

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Sandra Smith


Spurwink provides behavioral health and education services for children, adults and families.

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Evelyn Sylvester — Brightside Counseling Services

The Opportunity Alliance

The Opportunity Alliance works with people to build better lives and stronger communities, providing advocacy, leadership, and support to help individuals, families, and communities identify goals and address their needs.

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