1.16.2019 | The Safety and Efficacy of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in Chronic Pain


Participants will be able to list over-the-counter and prescription NSAIDs that are commonly used in the treatment of chronic pain, describe the comparative efficacy and safety of various NSAIDs, develop a treatment and monitoring plan for using NSAIDs to treat a patient with chronic pain.

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This learning session will explore the use of NSAIDs in chronic pain.  We will review the OTC and prescription NSAIDs that are commonly employed, how they differ from each other, and how they differ from non-NSAIDs.  We will then explore the safety and efficacy of these drugs, while simultaneously highlighting and emphasizing clinical pearls.  Lastly, we will apply the information to a patient case scenario to develop a treatment and monitoring plan for the use of NSAIDs in chronic pain.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

12:00pm–1:00pm EDT

About the Presenter

Stephanie Nichols

Stephanie Nichols, Pharm. D., BCPS, BCPD, Dr. Nichols is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy at Husson, an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts, and a psychiatric and substance use disorder (SUD) pharmacist. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University at Buffalo and completed a post-graduate residency at Maine Medical Center. She is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) and Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP). Dr. Nichols has over a decade of experience providing direct patient care and interprofessional teaching, and has served as a preceptor for over 75 student and resident learners. She has won multiple awards for excellence in the areas of teaching, student precepting, and clinical practice. At Husson, Dr. Nichols coordinates the following courses: Pharmacotherapeutics, Drug Induced Psychiatric Disease, Advanced Psychopharmacology, and Independent Research. She also teaches topics in the following courses: Geriatric Pharmacotherapy, Substance Use Disorders, Drug-Drug Interactions, Social/Behavioral Pharmacy, and Applied Pharmacotherapeutics. Dr. Nichols is passionate about reducing stigma around mental illness and addiction. She has presented to interprofessional audiences throughout the state of Maine, and in 2016 she was awarded the Cardinal Health Generations RX Champions Award for community education around prescription drug misuse. She has research published in the following journals: Pain, Current Psychiatry, Journal of Psychopharmacology, Pharmacotherapy, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, and Psychosomatics. Nationally, Dr. Nichols holds the following appointments: ICER: New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council, CPNP BCPP Recertification Editorial Review Board, and ACCP 2017 Annual Meeting Programming Committee. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time in her yard with her husband, Eric, and their dogs, Sage and Basil. She also enjoys reading, gardening, painting, boating, and visiting lighthouses.

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