Change Planning Skills and Review Copy

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Remember, a change plan in the spirit of MI must be Acceptable, Accessible, Appropriate from the consumer/client’s perspective (Miller & Rollnick, 2002). Also, remember to refrain from jumping ahead of the consumer’s readiness to take action on the specific goals and tasks on the change plan. If you jump into giving advice or move too quickly, the consumer is likely to return to taking the side of the status quo.

Key Points of Change Planning

Developing a change plan with a consumer is not the end, but the beginning of the change process

An effective change plan involves both a specific plan and the consumer’s intention to carry out that plan.

MI an help strengthen commitment to a change plan.

Public commitment, social support and self-monitoring also reinforce intention and commitment to a change plan.

Source: Miller & Rollnick, 2013, p. 292

Here is a change plan worksheet with an example from the Motivational Interviewing website that might be useful in organizing your conversations with people about developing a change plan.


Change Planning: Advanced Motivational Interviewing for Depression

This 14-minute video demonstrates change planning, offering a menu of options, the use of Elicit Provide Elicit in the change planning process, evoking change talk, OARS, Skillful Advice Giving, summarizing the change plan, use of the confidence ruler and scheduling a follow-up. As you watch this video notice how the provider asks permission to offer the change plan ideas of medication, counseling, exercise, and natural products useful in treating depression and leaves it up to the consumer to decide which options she is ready to consider. What is the impact of offering a menu of options and skillful advice giving (e.g. about exercise) on the consumer’s readiness to take action?


Change Planning Skills: Brainstorming and Giving Advice Skillfully

The following PowerPoint slide show highlights some MI consistent counseling skills that are useful in the change planning process including, brainstorming, giving advice skillfully and offering a menu of choices of action steps.

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